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What is MAMI Movie Mandi?

MAMI Movie Mandi is a B2B online platform dedicated for presenting and buying Indian film content. The site works like a virtual market place, allowing filmmakers/right holders to present their pitch which can be viewed by buyers all over the world. Our objective is to address the gap in distribution through this free platform that will help Indian filmmakers seek distribution opportunities.

How do we work?

We give filmmakers and right holders a platform to present their content and pitch the portal to buyers worldwide as an exclusive window to Indian content. The idea is to be a cohesive community an an equal opportunity provider to the industry.

What are the benefits of presenting a film on this platform?

  • MAMI Movie Mandi will be dedicated to promoting the platform as the one-stop-shop for Indian content to buyers all over the world. We will work towards garnering the maximum visibility for all content presented on the platform.
  • You present your film for free.
  • You receive viewing reports on who viewed your pitch page.
  • The interested buyers can directly message you through the in-built system.
  • You can give access to promotional materials (trailer, downloadable HD pictures, press-kits, posters)
  • Your Pitch is in a secure environment.

How can I add my film to the platform?

You can simply register yourself as a filmmaker/right holder. After a basic verification from our end, you will receive an email confirming that your account is active and you can proceed to add your film. There is no fee for registering or adding a film. For more details, please follow the instructions given here.

How long will the film pitch be available on the platform?

As long as you want it to be.

Who can see my pitch page?

Film Professionals listed as Buyers, which will include Distributors, Sales Agents, TV & VOD buyers, Content Aggregators, Festival Programmers.

Can other filmmakers view my pitch page on the platform?

No, only Buyers can view the content presented on the platform.

How can I check who has viewed my page?

You will find the viewing reports for each film added by you, which will let you know who has viewed your pitch page.

How is security taken care of?

The platform uses best available technology to give rights holders the necessary security. In addition to that, the platform is only accessible to registered film professionals. Each registration is closely monitored and verified prior to giving access to the platform. Professionals have to use a verified personal login (associated with their professional e-mail) to view any content on the platform.

Will the presence on this platform affect the “premiere” status of the film?

No, this is closed private platform which is not open to public at all. In addition to this, it only presents the trailer and the basic details of the film. This does not affect your premiere status in any way.

I already have a deal with a sales agent. Why should I still present my film on this platform?

We are not in conflict with sales agents. We are in fact, an additional support system for your sales agent, available for free.  

I am looking for a sales agent: Can this platform be of help?

Yes, as a platform presenting Indian content, it will be visited by sales agents seeking Indian content.

How much does it cost to be on this platform?