About us

One of MAMI’s core focus areas as a festival is to bolster filmmakers in India through platforms that enable conversations with the global film fraternity. In keeping with our vision of bolstering filmmaking in India, we created MAMI Movie Mandi - an online market dedicated to connecting Indian Films and buyers, agents, festivals across the world. This market will bridge the gap between filmmaking and film sales, by increasing the discoverability and visibility of Indian films.

We believe that many Indian films can find resonance in several parts of the world. The milieu is local but the stories are universal. Films can erase boundaries, bridge gaps in the world and create empathy.

We are a neutral entity. The focus of our platform is to connect people and enable conversations. MAMI will not be involved in any negotiations, transactions or profits that might ensue.

The Mumbai Academy of Moving Image or MAMI, as it is popularly known, is widely acknowledged for hosting one of India’s premier film festivals. In the last 18 years MAMI has consistently shaped the cinematic landscape of India. We have showcased the best of world cinema for Indian audiences and also steered them toward landmark Indian films.